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The OPAL-modules of ORDERLINE are modules, which are approved in practise and adjusted on one another, for planning, control and survey of the card board production. They have been inserted in ca. 40 installations for more than 25 years henceforth and have continuously been adopted to the technical state and the practical needs.

The actual version V8 has been developed cempletely anew based on the longtime experience in practical use under the application of the newest software technologies!

OPAL forms the connection between the in-plant EDT and the machines of the card board production completes the standard-EDT, which is existing in most companies, by production-specific modules, which are not covered by the standard. For this approved interface modules for the connection to the in-plant EDT, as for example Dynamics AX, SAP, BAAN, PrimaV Verpackung, BOXSOFT or AUPOS-PACKSOFT are available. The connection to the production machines is also astablished via approved interface modules.

The connection to the EDT is maintained via approved interface or integration into the data base of the commercial EDT.

The OPAL software modules work on indutry-standard PC’s in network under the system software Windows-XP/2000, 7. As data base the data bases ORACLE or Microsoft SQL-Server can be inserted.

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