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Converting Terminal and Production Data Collection (PDC)

The OPAL Converting Terminal is an additional module for the OPAL planning system and serves for the production data collection (PDC). It is installed directly at the production machines and serves the collection of the running production.

With help of a MDC-module also the machine data, i.e. the produced unit number, can be taken over directly!

The OPAL-PDC/MDC unit serves the collection of the real production data, so that one can react on evtl. differences for the planning in time. For this the production data are sent to the OPAL system and statistical data for orders, converting machines, running times, shifts etc. are collected. These than can be analyzed continuing on demand.

Production Data Collection for the running production!

Further production drawings for the completed products can be displayed and corresponding pallet labels can be printed during the production. The OPAL-PDC/MDC unit recognizes state changes during the production automatically (idling, setting, production, stand-stills, stand-still end).

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