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Planning for Converting (PPS)

This module is an estension of the OPAL Cut List Optimization for integration of the planning for converting. It creates the plan lists for the converting machines and calculates the load of the interim stores and the personnel load from the day’s program of the corrugator. In the upstream coarse planning the despach dates for fulfilling the delivery reliability and the capacity of the production machines resulted from this can be checked and corrected.

Extension of the OPAL Cut List Optimization for integration of the planning for converting!

The special requests of the card board production can hardly fulfilled by standard production planning systems (PPS-systems), as the algorithms of the optimum planning of the central corrugator cannot be collected here. The special knowledge, which is necessary for this, and the mathmatic algorithms are not accessible to a standard PPS machine planning.

Freedom of a manual planning with complete transparency of the automated processes!

For this reason special algorithms for the OPAL planning module have been developed, which do not limit the necessary freedom of a manual planning and nevertheless allow an extensive automatic working with complete transparency of the procedures. The OPAL planning system for example allows the comprehension of the capacity, load and availability of the converting machines when creating the corrugator cut lists.

The effects of the optimized corrugator-planning are visible immediately!

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