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Corrugator Control System

This module serves the control and supply of the machines at the corrugator with the cut lists created in the planning system. It surveys the production process and reports back completed orders. The OPAL Corrugator Control System can be connected with most machines (even older brands). It forms the connection between the OPAL planning system and the process PCs at the corrugator and provides the takeover of the order data and back-report of the production data.

In connection with the OPAL planning system the automatic balance of the plan data with the actual data of the control system is effected, further the master data of the planning system are balanced automatically (sorts, papers etc.).

The system is based on standardized PCs with the very reliable operating system Windows XP, which has achieved acceptance as industry-standard. The operation is effected via a clear-text function key and can be executed even by inexperienced staff self-reliant.

Functions of the OPAL Corrugator Control System:

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